Resiprene 35

Taking the advantage of the fast growing demand for resin product, PT. Industri Karet Nusantara (PT. IKN) took a strategic decicion to respond to the ever-increasing world demand by producing RESIPRENE 35. This new product is a resinous substance derived from the cyclization of natural rubber.

RESIPRENE 35 stands for the highest quality in resin product. It is produced with the support of modern technology factory in environmental -friendly way, and under the supervision of highlly reputable experts.

The unique Charesteristic of RESIPRENE 35

Due to the increasing requirements of both the environmental and health regulation, greater efforts has been made to develop an environmentally acceptable and non-hazardous coating.

In view ofo the above, RESIPRENE 35 is an attractive product due to its solubility in odorless solvent such as aliphatic hydrocarbons.

This is very important in the formulation of the coating, which must comply with the increasingly stringent rules applied to the emission of hydrocarbons in atmosphere. Particularly the fact that no aromatic hydrocarbons need to be used is of great importance.

RESIPRENE 35 also possesses the characteristic of a non-residual drying oil smell arising from resin

Product Specification

Resiprene 35 is cyclized narural rubber soluble in odourless solvent, particularly in aliphatic hydrocarbon and cheap blends of aromaatic and aliphatic, sutitable for protective and maintenance coatings and for marine paints for brushing, rollers and spray application.

Analytical Method
Softening point
Din 53211
Acid Value
mg KOH/g

Recomendation on formulation And Use

Well formulated coatings display good resistance to aqueous alkalis, acids and salt solutios; they withstand water and fluctuating humidity. Resiprene35 is unsaphonifiable and chemical resistance binder which can be used in combination with suitable plasticizers for chemical resistant coatings and it is of the outmost importance to use the right combination plasticizer in the formulation of high quality coatings. Reresiprene35 also possesses the characteristic of non-residual drying-oilsmell arising from resin.

Field of Application

  • Protective coatings
  • Marine paintings/ antifouling
  • Concrete coatings (fresh and weathered)
  • Odourless finish

Principle Characteristics

  • Fast dry
  • Exremely water resistant
  • Chemicals resistant (alkalis and acids)
  • Excellent adhesion to various substrate

Solubity In

White spirit : Complete
Petroleum Solvents 100-140°C : Complete
Aromatic Oils : Complete
Xylene : Complete
Toluene : Complete
Mineral oils : Good
Aliphatic solvents : Good
Vegetable oils : Good
n-Butyl acetate : Limited
Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) : Nil
n-Butano : Nil


  • They are readily compatible with other raw materials
  • They have good pigment binding properties
  • They are no restriction on the choice of pigments and fillers

Rubber Articles

Have Capability to produce 91 ton per year.
Have Capability to produce valuable products from wastage Rubber Thread.

  • Parts for Cement Mill
  • Parts for Centrifuge Latex Mill, Crum Rubber Mill
  • Parts for Sugar Mill
  • Parts for Aluminium Plant
  • Parts for various Applications
  • Parts for Palm Oil Mill

Rubber Thread

Using modern technology the company produces Rubber Thread by utilizing natural latex as basic raw material.

We assure you that our rubber thread product is under high quality control with continuance product availibility and prompt delivery leading to meet your high expectation.

To meet world demand of natural latex threads, PT. Industri Karet Nusantara produces 100% Rubber Thread using our updated technology.