PT. Industri Karet Nusantara located in Jalan Medan-Tanjung Morawa Km 9,5 Medan 20148, Indonesia

In the implementation, this company has always change name and management, since the first time raised, managed by (DATAK) Sumatera Utara named Pabrik Ban Sepeda TAVIP (bicycle tire factory) in 1965-1968

Code of Conduct

As a commitment in creating vision and carrying out company's mission professionally to have a good relationship with stakeholders and finally will get a maximal working system for the whole individual. To derease the risk of self-interest or letigation conflict matters of dereliction of duty in company. In a long-range term, it will motivate to increase the services of quality product, corporate performance, focusing on value added activities and finally it improves the corporate reputation and image.

Vision & Mission

  • To become a world class agribusiness company with excellent performance and implement the best business practice
  • Yo develop sustainable agro based downstream industry
  • To produce quality products for our customers
  • To treat our employees as strategic asset and develop them optionally
  • To be a company that provide the best return for our investor
  • To be the most preferred partner to do business with
  • To motivate our employees to actively particepate in community development
  • To carry out environmental friendly business activities

  • 1968-1971

    Due to SK. Menteri Pertanian No. 175/KPTS/OP/8/1968, it's management change into PT. Perkebunan Nusantara II by name of Pabrik Industri Karet TAFIKA. In this year, it switched to produce bycicle tire and rubber band.

  • 1971

    Due to SK Perwakilan B.CU/PTP Wilayah I No. 24/49/1971, mangement of this company change into PT. Perkebunan III producing Rubber Articles, Rubber Bands and Bicycle tire.

  • 1971-1977

    Due to SK. Dirjen Perbunan No. 76/BCU.KPB/1971, mangement change into KPB, PNP/PTP I-IX Sumut Aceh and production is same as before.

  • 1978-1982

    Due to SK. Menteri Pertanian No. 12.KPTS/UM/1/1978, management of this company change into PT. Perkebunan III. In this decade, the inquiry of Bicycle tire is more decreased, causing Bicycle tire production change into be rubber band , rubber articles production, and compound.

  • 1982-1989

    The first changing becomes Proyek Industri Karet PT. Perkebunan III and management is led by Kepala Bagian Pengolahan PT. Perkebunan III.

  • 1989-1991

    The implementation of project head of Industri Karet PT Perkebunan III due to KPTS SR.03.7/KPTS/SR/2/1989 dated 14 February 1989, in this decade, it produces rubber articles, rubber band, compound, conveyor belt and dock fender.

  • 1991 - 13 February 1996

    Due to surat edaran PT. Perkebunan III No.03.7/SE/17/1991 dated 19 April 1991, confirmed that status of Proyek Industri Karet PT. Perkebunan III is led by a manager. It produces rubber articles, rubber band, conveyor belt, dock fender and rubber gloves. In 1995 receive Sertifikat SMM (Sistem Manajemen Mutu) ISO 9000 from UL (Underwriters Laboratory), USA.

  • 14 Feb 1996 - Dec 2002

    Due to PP. No. 8/1996 dated 14 February 1996, the merger of PT. III, IV and V into one group namely PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III, then Pabrik Industri Karet become into unit of PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III. In 1997 receives Sertifikat SML (Sistem Manajemen Lingkungan) ISO 14000 from TUV, Rheinland Germany and 1998 receives Sertifikat SMK 3 (Sistem Manajemen Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja), bronze medal from Indonesian government.

  • January 2003

    In January 2003 due to KPTS Direksi No. III.10/SKPTS/R/02A/2003, Pabrik Industri Karet PT. Perkebunan Nusantra III minimize business units, ie : Pabrik Rubber Glove and Rubber Band. By stopping of production of rubber glove and rubber band, then production is only rubber articles, conveyour belt, dock fender and rubber thread.

  • January 2005 - 2006

    In January 2005 - 2006, Pabrik Industri Karet PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III due to SKPTS Direksi No. III.08/SKPTS/R/01/2005 dated 10 January 2005 change into PRTRA (Pabrik Rubber Thread & Rubber Articles).

  • April 2006

    In April 2006 till now become subsidiary company of PT. Perkebunan Nusatara III named PT. Industri Karet Nusantara.