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Rubber Thread


Conveyor Belt

Karlet N3XB

Dock Fender

Rubber Articles

  • Pack. Pintu Rebusan
  • Rubber Packing
  • Housing Galiger
  • Rubber Impeller
  • Cover Plate Liner
  • Ban Angkong
  • Section Liner
  • Rubber Coupling
  • Rubber AirLock
  • Rubber Hosing
  • Rubber RingBowl
  • Rubber Wagon
  • Rubber Plat
  • Rubber Lining
  • Rubber Vibro
  • Stator Monopump
  • Alloy stick cover
  • Rubber Sleeve
  • Flexible Joint
  • Rubber Bearing
  • Rolling Wheel
  • Rubber Dumper
  • Rubber Valve
  • Rubber Ballon
  • Rubber Clump
  • Rubber Mount
  • Rubber Spout
  • Insole shoes
  • Indian Rubber
  • Rubber Hammer
  • Rubber Disc
  • Rubber Tee
  • Rubber Gasket
  • Tangki Asam
  • Rubber Sheet
  • Others


This Rubber Thread product in mainly exported to Asian Countries. Production capacity of this 4 lines factory is 7,200 tons per year.

Resiprene35By using Italian technology, PT. Industri Karet Nusantara produces Resiprene. a resin to be used by inks, printings and paint industries as a binder agent, this natural rubber-based resin is suitable for heavy duty paints. It is widely used in shipping industry and other transportation sectors.

DockFenderAmong the measures taken, the company managed to purposely diversified its core business to produce solid rubber article products in an efforts to size bigger opportunities.

KarletKarlet N3XB is pellet carbon black filled natural rubber mix. It is produced to create an environtally friendly factory and classified by their hardness. Black rubber goods having hardness of X ± shore A can be prepared by this product

A Brief About The Company

Having experienced since 1965', today, PT. Industri Karet Nusantara (PT. IKN), as subsidiary company of PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III becomes as established rubber-based downstream company

Paving the way for successfull future PT. Industri Karet Nusatara has increase specialization in running it's business

Product Quality and Sevices

PT. Industri Karet Nusantara fullly comprehends strong product knowledge and reputation for being one of the market leaders in rubber industry, evidently were important determinants for clients in their choice of quality product

PT. Industri Karet Nusantara believes in providing the total solutions to the clients by producing high quality products made from the best quality natural rubber, ready-made or specially designed to meet the client's requirements.

It is imperative not only to satisfy customer in terms of product and quality but also to maintain prompt delivery.